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                                           The SSGMCE Gang

 Sitting clockwise from the girl in the Yellow Salwar-Kameez in the front :
Renu Pillai,Praneet Singh Ahluwalia,Vinay Parade,Abhishek Gupta,Amit Nath Sinha,Gaurav Agashe,Sudesh Prakash,Abhijeet Brahmadam,Kinnari Mehta,Vivek
Krishnan,Anil Thomas.

Renu Pillai (U2,Bono): She's the sweetest thing and that's where she gets her name from.Remember 'The Sweetest Thing' by U2?hehe..U got it.Very soft spoken,polite and cute talk.Nice to have her around!

Praneet Ahluwalia (Alu,Sardar) : My roomie!Now here's probably the coolest and the wackiest Sardar in the world.We dont exactly share the same views on everything,but then again we share a lot of other things(that reminds me,he still hasn't returned my T-shirt).He's the sort of guy who wants to go for a walk at 3 0'clock in the morning,just like that.Praneet's the most popular guy around campus and he's turned falling into trouble right down to a fine art.He enjoys Sardar jokes and has been the butt of many,and yeah....he does some awfully stupid stuff when the clock strikes 12.All in all,one hell of a super guy !

Vinay Parade : Ah,Vinay!I never have been able to figure this fella out.He's a real complicated dude.He can be highly impractical,illogical and unpredictable and then again he's very well read and comes out with  great ideas once in a while.He has his own sense of humour,which I am not exactly appreciative of.Vinay has a burning ambition of being in the army and fighting out there on the front.Best of luck to him and God save the Indian Army!

Abhishek Gupta (Smelly) : Now don't ask me how he got his nickname,because that's a long's a guy who's highly sensible and practical (a bit too practical for some) who loves tinkering around with computers and stuff.I enjoy chit-chatting with this fella a lot.He does have some drawbacks,but then nobody is perfect,huh?

Amit Nath Sinha (Hurry up) : Now surely,you haven't heard of a nickname like this,but it suits this fella perfectly.Highly impatient and always in a hurry,he somehow manages to do things well.A very likeable sort of fellow( right,Ila? )

Gaurav Agashe (******(censored)) : I mean this is a G-rated site,rite?So forget about his nickname for a while.Now this guy likes his cricket and plays it well.He also likes cracking stupid jokes and believe me,he's not good at them at all.Some of them are not just poor,they are WAY below the poverty line.Anyways,moving onto writing something better about him..............Surprise,surprise!I can't think of anything...just kidding Gaurav!A decent guy,perfect material for some serious leg-pulling ..all in all,an all-round cute guy.

Sudesh Prakash (S.P/Raagu/Sidelock King) : An immensely likeable fellow with a very earthy sense of humour.Great to hang around with,fun to talk to,good at studies,blessed with a 24-carat heart....great guy!

Abhijeet Brahmandam : Now,either you like this guy or you don't!There's just no middle ground around here.A smart fella who knows what he wants in life and how he's gonna get it.A real joy to talk to although sometimes he becomes a pain in the you-know-where.Intelligent,street-smart,can talk about just about aything under the what more do you want from a guy?

Vivek Krishnan ( Y.V.Khan ) : Yep,I know you must be thinking that we are a bunch of idiots with awfully idiotic nicknames.Hmm..Jack of all trades is how one would describe
Vivek.Great at studies,cricket,conversation and a voracious reader.Fun to hang around with as well.....a real gem of a guy!

Anil Thomas (****(censored)) : "A very comic gal-crazy guy" precisely measures up Anil.He comes across as a very moody person,immensely funny when he wants to be and then again he's dead serious and philosophical at times.Anil tends to be a wee bit of a narcissist,but then we all do,rite u guys out there?

Shreyas Ghuge ( Guke,Goo-the-gay ) : Here comes another dose of our terrific nicknames,but then we can't help it,can we?Shreyas is a guy in eternal crisis..either worrying about his personality,his talk,his looks or his misadventures with gals!A highly confused soul and then he has to bear with me 'cos the poor fellow suffers some serious leg-pulling from yours truly.Wow,I really wouldn't like to be in his shoes!

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