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    Friends...hmm..friends....I am at a loss of words to describe them or describe the nature of the relationship.All I know is that its something nice and good and special.Anyway,stopping my idiot blabbering.......

                                  THANK YOU ALL !!!!

 Some of the gems I treasure.......

*Swapnil Bapat
*Gaurav Agashe
*Praneet Ahluwalia
*Abhijeet Brahmandam
*Smriti Chowgule
*Rucha Deodhar
*Abhishek Gupta
*Meghana Joglekar
*Nikhil Joshi
*Rohan Kamat
*Shruti Kelkar
*Siddharth Kelkar
*Vivek Krishnan
*Sachin Lele
*Ninad Mahajan
*Kinnari Mehta
*Sudesh Prakash

  Some of my best friends on the IRC....
*Shiwanee Dixit
*Gauri Bahal
*Shonalika Bapat
*Tushar Danait
*Bageshree Deshpande

Ok folkx,those are the people I would trust my life with :-) If U don't figure in there ,better start working on it ! I don't mind some additions to that list. :)

A li'l note : The people in here have been placed in an alphabetical order.No order of preference has been followed.


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