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                       The Femme Fatale Picture Gallery

Aishwarya Rai : There's something about Aishwarya..yessir,most definitely !This light-eyed beauty
                         stole our hearts way back in 1994 in the Pepsi commercial with Amir Khan.Then of
                         course she became Miss World and is now the queen in Bollywood.Her beauty is
                         unparalled in the recent history of Hindi cinema and I have tried to bring that out
                         in her pictures.

Lisa Ray : Magical beauty is how one can describe this Canadian-Indian.Standing at just above five
                feet,she stands tall on the Indian modelling scene.This gorgeous lady was first revealed to
                us in the Evita campaign ,around 10 years back.Lisa has also graced several music videos
                looking her unforgettable best in Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's 'Afreen Afreen' and Daler
                Mehndi's 'Jalwa'.Indian television never had it so good.

Sonali Bendre : I love her seemingly city-gal attitude and she carries one of the best figures around
                        today.(Remember those mile-long legs? )Hasn't really hit big-time in Bollywood,
                        but I like her anyway...

                                        One of the females,I wanted to put up on this page but just couldn't was
                      Madhuri Dixit.Her beauty just cannot be plastered on webpages.It is to be treasured
                       in our hearts...our souls.If there does exist a God ,He probably abodes in Sachin's
                       bat ,Lataji's voice ,Bismillah Khan's shehnai and Madhuri's face.She is heavenly !

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