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My Favorite Stuff...........

Name : Ameya R. Vidwans
Birthdate : 9 June
Zodiac : Gemini
Birthplace : Pune
My hobbies & interests : Stamps,making friends,cars n bikes,reading,chatting on
                                     irc,surfing the web,music,movies n sports.
Sports & Games : Cricket,Table-Tennis,Badminton,Chess......
My Idols : My dad,Leander Paes n Sachin Tendulkar
Other people admired/adored : Boris Becker,Pete Sampras,Nelson Mandela,
                                             Aishwarya Rai,Martina Hingis n all my friends and
                                             my bro!
                                                                                           (how could I even dare to forget him?!!)
Musicians I listen to : Phil Collins,Enigma,Pink Floyd,Metallica,Aerosmith,Bryan Adams

My Favorite....

Author : Jeffrey Archer,Michael Crichton,Eric Segal,John Grisham
Book :' If Tomorrow Comes'-Sydney Sheldon
          'Rising Sun'-Michael Crichton
           All books by Jeffrey Archer,'Love Story' by Eric Segal
City : Pune
Color : Black
Drink : Thums Up
Movie : Check out My Favorite Movies here..
Songs : Check out My Favorite Songs here...
Actors : Naseeruddin Shah,Anupam Kher,Nicholas Cage,John Travolta,Al Pacino,Hrithik Roshan,Pierce Brosnan,Sean Connery
Actresses : Madhuri Dixit,Julia Roberts,Aishwarya Rai (sigh!)
Joke : Daughter-"Do all fairy tales start with 'Once upon a time..'?"
          Dad-"Nopes beta,some also start with 'When I get elected...'!! "
Quote : "Keep your words soft and sweet because more often that not, you end up
             eating them yourself."-Anonymous


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