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My Snazzy Set of links
One of my favorite pastimes is searching the web for software and such other stuff.My mate here! :)
Theme World
Looking for some cool desktop themes?Then simply get in this place,they got themes by the hundreds.
Stay in touch,get CNN
The Times Of India
Something I cannot do without at the breakfast table.An indipensible part of my life.
The finest site on India by the Times people.
Hey this site is devoted to my hometown.A really good site
#Pune Homepage
This is the homepage of the irc chat room where I am often found.Got some great pics of my chat-friends.
Some of the most alluring, sensuous pictures of celebrities on the net, under one proverbial roof. No nudes, ye cheap-thrill seekers out there! :P
Veggie's Homepage
Some of the most beautiful women are featured are featured on the site in a tasteful fashion. Again, no nudes.Also boasts of all the 'Pirelli Calendar' pictures along the years. A feast for the senses.
These are some links to sites which have helped me build this page or helped me get through many a boring hour.
*EA Sports -From Cricket'97,The Need For Speed to FIFA'98.I swear by
                   these people.
*MTV -Amazing use of graphics at this page.
*ESPN-Star Sports -My favorite channels apart from MTV of course.
* -Most of my stuff's from this site.
* -No,its not some site about birds or anything,its about
                              graphics n stuff.
* -Great site.
*HTMLgoodies -Thx Dr.Joe Burns for all those Goodies.Check it out!
* -My Redirection people.They asked me to place their
                              link,couldn't turn them down,could I?
Click here for some Cricket Links.
Homepages of muh buddies...
           *Anand Hatwalne (Joyy) --Hey thx Anand for all that invaluable help.
           *Mihir Sabnis (ion)
          *Ninad Hardikar (pixar)


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