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                   The Picture Gallery of my Favourite Stuff


I am at my philosophical and romantic                                  The untamed power ,all conquering nat-
best at sunset time.As I am never in                                      ure of  waterfalls is what attracts me to
these moods at any other time ,it makes                                them.Gushing down between mountains
a valid reason for my loving sunsets.                                     serenading us with its sound....
Wish life was this simple !                                                    ah ! Lovely !


Let it be on the record that baby Ameya
Vidwans never had lunch or dinner without                     One of the most wonderful monuments
being on the terrace of his apartment                               mankind has ever dared to build.I mean....
watching trains speed by.And I still love                          imagine this ,an Emperor erects it in honour
watching trains.NASA is conducting a                            of his love for his wife.How romantic ,can
research on this strange obsession ,I'll                             you get ?
let you know when they declare the


One of the most beautiful sights in                           I am handicapped by my vocabulary to
the world is the Melbourne Cricket                        describe a Cover drive played by Sachin.
Ground.I would be the happiest                             So ,I shut up and leave it to the likes of
person in the world if I am ever                              Sunil Gavaskar,Ian Chapell et al.
priveleged enough to watch an
India-Australia Test here with
Sachin hammering McGrath.


This is royalty you are dealing with here,                               Ever heard of the song from TopGun,
so better watch your step.For me,the tiger                            "Takes my breath away"?That's what
is the king of the jungle leaving the lion                                  happens to me when I see this amazing
a poor second.The personification of                                   creature stroll in his domain.And really,
immense grace ,the tiger rules !                                            I have no words to describe his breath-
                                                                                           taking chases.


Yeah ,it's okay.You can breathe now.                                 Well,first you stop breathing ,then you
Gotta have some oxygen into those lungs                             give a looooong whistle..what's the big
rite? And yeah ,I agree with IS                                 idea?.hehehe...Enjoy !

This is one of the cutest photographs I have come       This is the Harley Davidson - Flaring Shovel
across,and I just wanted to share it with you.               Chopper one of the meanest,leanest dream
                                                                                  machine on the road.Wouldn't I love to ride
                                                                                  one of them ?

The unbridled THRILL of F1 !Michael Schumacher      Haven't we all loved them?Haven't we all
driving his Ferrari in the Australian Grand Prix.              laughed our guts out,at their misadventures!

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