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Hmmmm....As you have come this far,you really ARE interested.Thanks a lot. :)

         Well,where should I begin??? I guess the regular formal intros n stuff  :)Well, I am known around the place by the name of Ameya Vidwans and am also called 'Ams' by the people who matter in my life and then the others too.....:-)

         Firstly,I am an Indian (and for all you non-Indians,Indian as in from India),from the state of Maharashtra.I am a marathi-speaking person basically.

        I was born on the 9th of June at Pune.So,I guess,that makes me a 'gem' from Gemini.:-).I currently reside at Pune.

        Some of my interests include reading,collecting stamps,playing Cricket and Table Tennis, listening to music,watching movies,chatting on the irc,surfing the web,making friends,cars & bikes.....and...umm...LOTS!!

       Well I think its better for me to stop here 'cos if you let me go on....I could really go on and on and on and on and.......:)
       So just follow the links given below,and you'll probably know and discover more about me and maybe yourself,thats what its all about isn't it?....ok folkx,Enjoyy!!!

P.S. Before you leave my page,feeling utterly frustrated,deflated or wotever the case ,please do me a favor .....make sure you sign my guestbook,ok?That would do me and/or the page,a world of good. :)Also,if by any chance you are a student of SSGMCES,feel free to enroll at our egroup,the link of which is given below.Thanks and happy surfing! INTRODUCING!!...free web-based e-mail for life from AMEYA MAIL!!!!Also I have come up with several channel additions to this site.Just scroll below to view these channels !

 These are the personal aspects of my website.Pick any of these links to learn more about me.Enjoy !

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